Faculty Technology Showcase to be held Thursday

techshowcase3_sliderSept. 14, 2016 | Learning with Technology |

The Center for Learning with Technology will host the annual Faculty Technology Showcase on Sept. 15 from 9 a.m.-4 p.m. on the second floor of the Burks American Heritage Building. The theme of the event is “Tech It Forward.”

The showcase features faculty who effectively use technology in the classroom and provides opportunities for colleagues to share technological experiences to enhance teaching and student learning.

“Today’s classroom is a dynamic environment that engages the student in a variety of learning experiences,” senior instructional designer Diana Tepe said. “Many of those experiences make use of technological solutions.”

The showcase is designed to educate faculty of the capabilities of technology, provide hands-on experience, create peer-to-peer collaboration, and promote the Center for Learning with Technology as a resource for faculty in utilizing technology in their classrooms.

“One of the biggest challenges the center faces is getting faculty to explore what technological tools are available and to learn practical ways to make use of them in the classroom,” Tepe said.

Tepe said the event can be a step forward for faculty to incorporate more ways to use technology in the educational setting.

“The ultimate goal of any effort by the Center for Learning with Technology is to assist faculty in providing a quality educational experience for students,” Tepe said. “It’s an experience in which every student can achieve success and be prepared to contribute productively in their future endeavors.”

The Center for Learning with Technology is a resource for faculty to learn how to integrate applicable technology into courses. The center can provide training, personal assistance and course development for faculty members.

“The theme ‘Tech It Forward’ was chosen because of the innovative approach technology provides, both in its use and sharing it with others,” instructional designer Naomi Valentine said. “It is the catalyst behind the four words that summarize the event: educate, discover, innovate and collaborate.”

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