First Year Experience to host Freshman Preunion

2014-129-038-2April 19, 2016 | First Year Experience |

The Office of First Year Experience hosted the third annual Freshman Preunion April 21 at 6 p.m. on the Midnight Oil front lawn.

“There is this class identity that we are trying to reinforce — the class of 2019,” Dean of Student Success Kevin Kehl said. “They haven’t graduated yet, so it’s not a reunion, but a preunion. We are reinforcing the class of 2019 so students will know we want them to succeed in graduating in four years.”

First Year Experience hosts the event for freshmen to celebrate the completion of their first year of college. The event offered Midnight Oil drinks and desserts, door prizes, and live music.

“We began the year with Student Impact, we had a freshman retreat to help students get to know each other, we hosted an organizational fair, we have the Harding Hacks to give the support along the way, and then we want to bring it all together with the Preunion,” Kehl said. “The freshman preunion is the branding of the celebration of the end of the freshman year.”

Bible class peer guides have been promoting the event through announcements and flyers during the freshmen Bible classes.

“We want to make it a way for freshmen to connect and reconnect as a class before they leave for summer with a little fun and relaxation thrown in there,” Kehl said. “We want to reinforce the expectation that we will see them again next year.”

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