Global Missions Experience to begin Sept. 21

Sept. 20, 2017 | Center for World Missions |

Harding University faculty and students will participate in the 10th Global Missions Experience at Camp Tahkodah in Floral, Arkansas, Sept. 21-24. Participants will work with missionaries from all over the globe in hands-on simulations focused on the day-to-day lives of both foreign and domestic missionaries.

University senior Zach Burgan, event c0-leader, estimated there would be 50 missionaries from all over the world and students coming from across the country and other church of Christ universities and campus ministries. Seven keynote speakers are scheduled to present throughout the weekend.

“It’s a community of missions-minded people who come together to love one another and take some time to worship, grow and learn from each other,” Burgan said.

The event will provide 24 different learning stations led by people who have vast skills is a specific area and who use them as missionary wherever they are. Students can attend 13 classes and learn from educators, physical therapists, artists and designers on how to use their chosen field of study to build God’s kingdom.

“Our dream is that God would be glorified at GME through this weekend of concentrated time with a lot of people who want to see God glorified in this weekend and even more beyond this weekend,” senior Kayla Rogers, event co-leader, said.

The University also uses Camp Tahkodah as the site for its mission training village. Students, youth groups and others can visit the site and learn about mission principles, cross-cultural dynamics and sustainable agriculture among other things. Junior Cristina Santiago has participated in Harding University Tahkodah and emphasized the ability of people to find a place in the world of missions from both of these events.

“Everyone has something they can bring to GME, so you’re going to leave with information and a stirring in your heart,” Santiago said. “Your experience is going to help and spark other people so it’s not just about going to GME — you are GME.”

Burgan emphasized that he and Rogers have done everything they can to make GME easy to attend. Participants will be provided every meal and a place to sleep throughout the weekend, but students can come for one day or even one speaker.

“If you would come with an open heart, God will meet you here,” Rogers said. “He will be with you wherever you are, and he will be here in great concentration.”

Burgan described the event based on an analogy faculty members have mentioned before.

“It’s a bridge from heaven, an opportunity to come face-to-face with God and with the world,” he said, “and it’s hard to walk away unchanged.”

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