“Going overseas changed my world view and helped me understand people better…”

stu-waldron-hayleyCollege of Sciences | Behavioral Sciences

Every major presents its own set of expectations and challenges. Senior psychology major Hayley Waldron has seen this first hand in her department.

“Probably the biggest challenge is that psychology is so broad in spectrum,” Waldron said. “You have to in your own mind narrow down where you want to go because there are so many different things you can do in psychology.”

She also said that her teachers have helped her conquer these challenges the most.

“It’s great because you can go talk to them, and everybody is kind of in that boat of, ‘I really don’t know what I’m doing,’” Waldron said. “They can help pool our strengths and see who is good at what and how they can encourage you based on what they can see in you.”

Waldron believes her semester spent studying abroad in Greece enhanced her view of her major.

“It was eye-opening and an amazing experience,” Waldron said. “Going overseas changed my worldview and helped me understand people better, which is great for what I am going into. I got a bigger picture look of what the world is like.”

After graduation Waldron wants to attend graduate school to become a licensed counselor.

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