HU chorus to hold joint performance with Lipscomb University

Feb. 17, 2017 |Music |

The Harding University Chorus will perform its first joint concert with Lipscomb University. The choruses will perform “Carmina Burana,” a 20th century work by Carl Orff. Two performances will take place — one at Lipscomb on Feb. 19 at 2.p.m. in the Collins Alumni Auditorium and a second at Harding on Feb. 26 at 2 p.m. in the Administration Auditorium.

“’Carmina Burana’ may well be the most delightful piece that a singer can perform with orchestra,” Director of the Chorus Cliff Ganus said. “This is one of the most enjoyable, large-scale works for a singer, and the chorus members are enjoying rehearsing it.”

The Chorus performed a chamber version of the same work in 2013. Ganus said the audience had a positive response to the performance, and he expects to have a similar outcome this year.

Sophomore Daniel Norwood watched a performance of “Carmina Burana” while studying abroad at Harding University Florence during summer 2016 and said it was one of his greatest music experiences. Norwood said he met members of the Lipscomb chorus during the choral festival in January and believes all members of the chorus are excited to perform the piece.

“I am ecstatic about joining with the Lipscomb chorus,” Norwood said. “Working with another group like this is always an exciting prospect to me. I enjoy collaborating and combining talents because I know, like this performance, every member will put forth maximum effort to produce a wonderful result.”

Ganus said there is a bond between chorus directors among church of Christ-affiliated universities. Harding Chorus regularly participates in the biennial Christian College Choral Festival, which includes universities like Lipscomb, Ohio Valley, Faulkner and Freed-Hardeman.

Gary P. Wilson (’83), the Lipscomb chorus director, was president of the Harding Chorus, then called Chorale, and a pianist for Belles and Beaux during his time at the University. Ganus said he and Wilson have had a strong relationship since Wilson’s time at Harding. Wilson will direct the performance at Lipscomb, and Ganus will direct at Harding.

Approximately 110 students will sing “Carmina Burana.” At the Lipscomb campus, the group will perform with the Lipscomb orchestra, augmented with members of the Nashville Symphony Orchestra.

On Harding’s campus, a chamber version will be performed including percussionists Amy Davis, David Parker, Cole Pennington, Dean Oden and Michaela Woods and pianists Lis Jones and Tim Smith. The solo selections of the work will be performed by designated chorus members.

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