HU hosts 59th National Leadership Forum

natleadership1June 8, 2015 |

Approximately 200 delegates from around the South are currently on the Harding University campus June 7-12 for the 59th Annual National Leadership Forum.

The program, designed for students entering grades 9-12, teaches students the characteristics of leadership and familiarizes them with the American scene, encouraging pride in our nation’s traditions and principles. Each delegate must demonstrate character and leadership ability. The event is funded by the Mac McKinney Endowment.

Through labs, lectures, films and discussion, participating students will become better prepared, confident and equipped with the necessary tools to preserve the traditions and ideals upon which America was founded. Speakers will present a wide variety of lectures in the American Heritage Auditorium on campus covering topics such as environmental and agricultural issues, the American economy, leader communication and social media, among others.


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