“I will never know everything God did for us with our body, but it’s fun trying to learn everything…”

stu-knappe-jaredCollege of Sciences | Exercise and Sport Sciences

Jared Knappe knew he wanted to pursue exercise science after taking his first anatomy and physiology class his sophomore year. As Knappe began learning more about the subject, his future began taking shape.

“I just want to dedicate my occupation to God and His glory, whether that be opening a non-profit or wherever he leads me,” Knappe said.

Knappe said that the more he learns about the body, the more interesting he finds God’s creation and that is a large reason why he is so passionate about exercise science.

“The fact that we can maintain life and how our body reacts to stresses like exercise amazes me,” Knappe said. “I will never know everything that God did for us with our body, but it is like Professor Ken Turley says, it’s fun trying to learn everything.”

Knappe plans to apply to the Physical Therapy Program at the University of Colorado in Denver while working as a clinic technician.

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