“The teachers want to help you grow as a designer and artist…”

stu-allen-jenniferCollege of Arts & Humanities | Art & Design

Senior graphic design student Jennifer Allen made the most of her design connections after gaining her most recent summer internship with Duck Commander in Louisiana through people she met at Harding.

“I think what makes Harding unique is that there are people from different states, and you get so many different connections,” Allen said. “There are a lot here that help you get new jobs.”

Allen has been designing various projects and handling social media for Duck Commander since summer 2014. Allen attributes much of her creative progress to teachers who have helped her develop as a designer.

“The teachers want to help you grow as a designer and artist, and they want to get to know you on a personal basis,” Allen said. “They really help you throughout the way. If you’re having trouble with a project, they’ll know how to give you some pointers.”

Allen said her professors’ guidance has been especially helpful in graphic design, a major that combines book work and portfolio work.

“Even though we do portfolios and that’s more of what gets us a job, we still have to have research on our projects,” Allen said. “We research what the target market is and things like that just so that our designs are more efficient.”

After graduation, Allen hopes to go on to a design firm and work in branding.

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