“I’m a visual thinker…”

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College is a time of self-discovery for many students, discovering gifts and talents as well as weaknesses you never knew you had. For senior graphic design major Jewelya Williams, that is exactly what college has been for her.

“I came to Harding, and I did not know that I could draw,” Williams said. “I thought I was just trying out art and design. I have been blessed in figuring out that I really am good at something.”

Williams said that graphic design has been a great major for her because of all of the projects instead of papers and tests.

“I’m a visual thinker,” Williams said. “I’ve never been awesome at writing papers, so doing a project and having it count the same as a paper is a lot easier for me.”

According to Williams, her teachers focus on making sure each project will prepare their students for the real world and real work they might encounter in their professions, as well as team building exercises and projects that teach them how to implement their designs in multiple ways.

“The biggest challenge is keeping your creative juices flowing,” Williams said. “Sometimes you’ll come to a halt and have a block, but I feel like the different aspects that our teachers try to show us help us flow better.”

Even with the challenges of the major, Williams said that she is thankful she has been a part of the program.

“My most favorite thing about Harding is how it’s helped me grow,” Williams said. “College in general, but especially Harding, has helped me grow not only as a person but also as a Christ-follower.”

Williams has many dreams she is hoping to pursue in various industries in the art world after college such as printmaking and children’s book illustrating.

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