“Interpersonal relationships with the Bible faculty have been really beneficial and unique.”

stu-johnson-kyleCollege of Bible & Ministry

When everyone is interested in your area of study and holds their own opinions, it can be a challenge to weigh so many perspectives, but according to preaching major Kyle Johnson, these perspectives have helped him to better understand his field.

“Most people have opinions on religion regardless of their major, so that’s an obstacle,” Johnson said. “Different opinions end up being a really good source of perspectives. You have to find your place among a student body where everyone does care about Bible, religion and their spiritual lives, but that’s something that you’re dedicating yourself fulltime to in theory.”

According to Johnson, learning from professors who are experienced in the ministry field and can act as mentors has been especially valuable.

“One of my favorite things, besides being with other students that care about the same things, is being able to get to know the faculty personally, see their reasoning behind teaching and hear their experiences,” Johnson said. “I am sitting at the feet of people who have done what we want to do in the future, so those interpersonal relationships with the Bible faculty have been really beneficial and unique.”

Johnson also serves as the college’s recruiter, sending out scholarship and opportunity information to potential students. Currently he is particularly enjoying his Greek and preaching classes. While it brings its own unique challenges, Johnson loves spending time in the College of Bible and Ministry.

“There’s something special about getting up and knowing that you’re spending your entire day in Bible classes,” Johnson said. “Your existence for four years here is to study and learn the Bible. It kind of becomes a holistic attitude here that that’s why you’re here: to grow. It’s not an afterthought. I think there’s something really unique about committing your entire college experience to it.”

Johnson plans to further his education and receive his master’s in divinity while working in some form of ministry. He then hopes to become a full-time preacher.

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