“The challenges are trying to understand the abstract things that we have never had to face before…”

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When considering creative majors, math is not normally a subject that comes to mind, but according to senior math major Laura Beth McKinley, thinking creatively about the subject has expanded her view.

“The challenges are trying to understand the abstract things that we have never had to face before,” McKinley said. “I was always used to the step-by-step stuff and then once I got to those upper-level classes I had to think a lot differently than I was used to. I think that was one of the biggest challenges, reaching out, getting out of my comfort zone and thinking differently.”

Though they challenge her, McKinley also added that her teachers help her to take on this different mindset.

“My favorite part of it has been having the professors help me,” McKinley said. “They were always there even if we got stuck. They would push us to figure it out on our own, but they were always there to help out if we could not get it.”

Like many students, McKinley came to Harding not knowing anyone on campus, so she was thankful for the kindness extended to her by her professors. However, she is certain God has always put her where she needed to be.

“My best friends just happened to live next door to me freshman year,” said McKinley. “I did not know a single person stepping on this campus, and God must have known that I needed to be in that particular room. I didn’t even know my roommate, and we are best friends now. That was just one of the coolest things I’ve gotten to experience here.”

McKinley hopes to graduate with her degree in math and secondary education to teach at the middle and high school level. She is also exploring a career as a cryptanalysis.

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