Marlee Scaife

In the midst of searching for the right academic program to maximize her time left at Harding, Marlee Scaife found the integrative studies major.

Marlee began her undergraduate career as an education major, but didn’t find the right fit. After looking into law school, she declared integrative studies as her major.

“I was wanting to find a major that would allow me to maximize the rest of my time at Harding by improving crucial skills needed to be successful while in law school,” Marlee said. “There isn’t a required degree for law school, so essentially it was up to me.”

The flexibility of the integrative studies major allows students like Marlee to choose a concentration, but take classes in a variety of different departments and colleges to get a diverse foundation.

“The integrative studies major meets my needs because of the flexibility it allows,” Marlee said. “I’m able to formulate my schedule in a way that highlights the skills I want to improve. My goal is to further expand my analytical thinking and writing skills in hopes of a more successful experience in law school.”

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