More parking coming soon at Harding

Director of Photo ServicesJuly 2, 2015 |

Workmen will begin next week tearing down three houses to make room for additional parking on the north side of the Harding University campus.

The three houses (912, 914 and 918 East Market Avenue) are owned by the University and are located adjacent to an existing parking lot for visitors, students, faculty and staff.

The new lot will provide space for approximately 120 additional cars. The lot will enhance parking for commuting students and visitors using the Burks American Heritage Center, the Hammon Student Center and the McInteer Bible and World Missions Center.

One of the buildings to be torn down is the Baxter House, which provides housing for the visiting missionary. The late Opal Baxter donated the house to the school in 2007 with the expressed intent for the use by missionary families. In accepting the gift, administrators agreed to provide substitute housing for missionary families in the event the Baxter House could no longer be used for that purpose.

Since the house is being removed to make way for additional parking, administrators have decided to name one of the new apartment buildings in Phase III of Legacy Park in honor of Baxter.

The newly designated Baxter House will be located at 605 East Pleasure with the three-bedroom apartment on the first floor used by the missionary family.

The Baxter House plus six other new apartment structures will be dedicated during the fall homecoming activities.

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