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The Student Association (SA) and First Year Experience (FYE) will host the second annual organization fair Thursday, Sept. 15, from 6-8 p.m.on the front lawn. Thirty campus organizations will be represented at the event.

Dr. Kevin Kehl, dean of the Center for Student Success, said the organization fair connects two important groups on campus: new students and all campus organizations.

“It occurs early in the semester because we think that new students need to know what’s available — what options and opportunities they have to connect with their interests,” Kehl said. “We really hope to help the organizations, too; we want to increase their memberships and provide an opportunity for them to talk to students and tell them about their organization.”

Senior Emma Reese, FYE committee chairman, has high hopes for the organization fair. Harding offers many outlets for involvement on campus, and Reese said she and her fellow committee members hope to facilitate this involvement for each member of the student body.

“One of my favorite memories as a freshman is the time I spent in the poetry club,” Reese said. “I heard about it through a random announcement in chapel and decided to look into it, and it became one of my favorite activities from that year.”

Reese said she is excited for her classmates to become increasingly aware of areas in which they can invest, no matter how long they have been at Harding.

“I remember feeling the awkward transition back after studying abroad,” Reese said. “It was hard to feel plugged in again. It will be fun to watch fresh starts and fresh connections on the front lawn.”

Although the event is primarily aimed toward freshmen and transfers, Reese said it is not limited to that group. All students are encouraged to participate, and Reese is eager to watch as connections unfold.

“There is a lot of potential and creativity in Harding students,” Reese said. “I can’t wait to watch those passions and skills be utilized and overflow into our community.”

Junior Jewels Edmerson, an officer in the Multicultural Student Action Committee, highly suggested every student attend the organization fair in order to see what opportunities are available.

“One of the great things about college is that you meet people who are similar to you,” Edmerson said. “Sometimes the challenge is finding those similar people on campus. That is what the fair is for.”

The organization fair will provide candied apples, pretzels, popcorn, corndogs and inflatable games. Admission is free. For more information, contact Kehl at

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