“The psychology department has become like a different home for me…”

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Leaving home and coming to college can be uncomfortable for many students. For psychology major Raleigh Kellis, finding a school where she had a sense of family was a high priority and exactly what she found in the psychology department.

“I wasn’t expecting to be so blessed and influenced by the department,” Kellis said. “The psychology department has become like a different home for me. It’s very warm and inviting. You know that you’re cared for.”

Kellis added that a large contribution to that feeling has been her professors and their work to create that family-like atmosphere.

“The teachers are really what make the department,” she said. “I can go to them for whatever I need having to do with academic or personal things. They’re very caring and create this environment that makes you feel like a community.”

Kellis also said that having caring teachers was important when it came to challenging classes and material.

“You really have to learn to love things about psychology that you don’t love,” Kellis said. “You have to really stretch your mind in all directions, not just one direction, so it’s not an easy major by any means. The teachers take all the time you need to show you examples and give you papers to look at that will help you. Whatever you need, they’ll be there for you.”

Kellis plans to attend Harding’s graduate program to study marriage and family therapy and obtain her license for counseling.

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