“I really appreciate the feedback I get from my teachers…”

stu-harvey-saraCollege of Business | MBA

Sara Harvey, a 2012 Harding graduate, is currently working toward her MBA while staying involved in her career as a senior accountant at Windstream.

Harvey said she enrolled in the program because of the successful learning experiences she had with her professors as an undergraduate student. She believes that as a graduate student, she continues to gain strong learning experiences.

“I really appreciate the feedback I get from my teachers and the encouragement they give me,” Harvey said. “They point out my mistakes and show me how to do better.”

On the weekends, Harvey said she catches up on the classes she had to miss throughout the week due to her busy schedule.

“It isn’t easy to balance a hectic life with online classes,” Harvey said. “But if you want something badly enough, it’s not always going to be simple.”

Harvey is currently part of a leadership program at Windstream and, with her MBA degree, might be interested in a management position in the future. She plans to learn more about theory and how to become a better manager.

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