“I would not be who I am without the teachers I’ve had…”

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“I started looking at the many ways to help kids. I have a heart for kids who need help.”

Sarah Marshall was drawn to social work because of the children. She grew up babysitting, which made her realize she wanted to work with children, but not as a teacher.

“You can always do something different with social work. I feel like it’s the most versatile major that you can have,” Marshall said. “I know for a lot of people that’s been the hardest thing, deciding what they want to do with the social work major.”

A normal day in Marshall’s life as a social work major consists of working in the department of human resources with a caseworker.

“I basically intern and so I go on home visits with her and by myself,” she said. “It’s fun, I learn a lot, and it’s super busy. I love it.”

Her passion carries her through some of the challenges she faces in her major.

“I’m not a writer, and we have to write so much,” Marshall said. “Social work in itself is a tricky field because you have to be able to relate to people and to know yourself.”

She keeps herself busy with Delta Gamma Rho and other small groups.

“I got involved with a group freshman year called pizza ministry,” Marshall said. “We go over to the trailer park to play with the kids and give them pizza.”

Marshall’s interest in Harding was sparked when her fiancé decided it was the place for him. The reason she stayed is because the teachers are so passionate about their subjects.

“I don’t think I’ll ever stop talking to my teachers. I know that whenever I have some conflict I can go to them, and they’ll be able to guide me,” she said. “I would not be who I am without the teachers I’ve had and the things they’ve taught me.”

Marshall plans for graduate school in the future. She eventually wants to work with children/family therapy or with an adoption/foster agency.

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