Starting conversations

As head copy editor for The Bison newspaper and president of the Black Student Association, senior Delilah Pope, an English major from Gallatin, Tennessee, finds reward in her busy class schedule and campus involvement but makes time to rest in the downtime.

“I’ve never really been the type of person who likes to step into the spotlight a whole lot, but I’ve always tried to be the person who sees a role that needs to be filled and then take that on,” Pope says. “It kind of just happened by virtue of taking on things with The Bison and taking things on with the BSA that there were roles that needed to be filled that kind of moved higher up, and I was kind of next in line.”

While her work on The Bison and with the BSA is distinctly different, Pope says seeing the discussions that both organizations create across campus is gratifying.“With BSA, it’s a little different [than Bison] but kind of similar. You don’t have like a tangible thing that you’ve created or that you’ve built when you go into a meeting or a discussion, but when you put together a product or a project for the student body, you’re able to listen to the discussions that are started,” Pope says. “I think there are really important discussions that are happening on campus, and so I’ve really just enjoyed seeing that. That’s what makes it worth it for me — hearing that, seeing those discussions and seeing the discussions deepen.”

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