Students help the community through annual day of service


April 16, 2015 |

Hundreds of University students spent their afternoon Wednesday, April 15 serving others as a part of the ninth annual Bisons for Christ, the University’s day of service. More than 150 student-led projects took place in the Searcy and Little Rock communities.

“As Christians, we’re called to show people the love of Christ,” said sophomore Will Francis. “I think that this is a great way to help out the community and show others Christ’s love through service.”

Francis, a guard on the University men’s basketball team, helped a Searcy couple clean inside their house and performed yard work such as pulling weeds and raking leaves with the rest of the team. Freshman guard Zach Ward felt it was important for the basketball team to give back to the community for the support they give to the team.

“It’s important to give back to them for all that they give to us,” Ward said. “Every day should be a service day for Christ.”


Searcy resident Kelly Mackey is typically on the serving end of Bisons for Christ as she typically bakes casseroles with other students and delivers the food. But this year, she was on the receiving end. Nine students visited her home to rake leaves and clean up her yard.

“It’s really neat that there’s one day that is so focused on [service] and that so many people get served all at one time,” Mackey said. “It’s so great because it gives students an opportunity to find a gift they can serve God with, whether it be playing with kids, raking leaves or baking casseroles.”

Students connected with and served through projects ranging from helping widows, assisting the elderly, working in yards, and encouraging the community with intentional service. The event was coordinated by a leadership team of 12 students, a 52-member student-led executive committee, and five interns of the Rock House, a campus outreach ministry.


In addition to participating in Bisons for Christ as a high school student at Harding Academy, senior Joelle Whitlock has been involved in the day of service for three years as a student at the University. After missing out on last year’s event, she couldn’t wait to get out in the community this year to contribute to the work students were doing.

“It allows students to really be a part of something bigger,” Whitlock said. “It’s so special to see God work outside of Harding. This year, I decided to get out of my comfort zone and find a group doing something random, and I knew that God would put me in a place where I’m needed. I really love what we do for Bisons for Christ.”


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