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Stevens Art Gallery is featuring an exhibit this week by graphic design, interior design and marketing students highlighting projects students created to rebrand the Searcy restaurant Pasta Grill.

Groups formed by students from each major worked with the restaurant on a marketing report and plans for interior and exterior of a new space. They also designed plans for branding such as a logo, menu, uniforms, advertisements, packaging, etc.

Stacy Gibson, associate professor of art, said this was the first year students worked with a real client on this project. She said that Scott and Bethany Palmer, owners of Pasta Grill, made the perfect client as they were looking to rebrand their business and considering a new space.

“The main reasons this is a great experience for the students is the collaboration, organization and leadership [they learn],” Gibson said. “Students fully experience the design process through this project, and they are able to show it to a lot of people.”

The students presented the project to the client, professionals from graphic and interior design, and professors. Senior marketing major Alyssa Kee said working with students from other departments gave her real life-experience that will help her as she moves into the workforce.

“My favorite part of this project is seeing the passion of our client being turned into a seamless, unified brand story,” Kee said. “Even though my team was formed with people from different buildings, we worked together to create something that really shows the heart of the Palmers, not just a simple business plan. It takes good communication, trust and hard work to accomplish something like that, and I am just so proud of my team.”

A reception was held for the opening of the exhibition at the Stevens Art Gallery Saturday, March 26 as a part of Spring Sing weekend festivities. The project will be on display in the gallery until Friday, April 1. Gallery hours are 8 a.m. – 5 p.m, and admission is free.

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