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Recent alumni begin new phase in life

Jan. 31, 2017 | “During my K-12 education, I had many wonderful teachers, but there was one who really made an impact in my life,” December 2016 graduate Logan Beasley said. “This was my second-grade teacher who went above and beyond to help me succeed. She was always a kind and gentle-hearted teacher, and from that point on, I wanted to be just like her.”
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Little coders

July 28, 2016| Computer Science | If you walk in the Pryor-England Science building, you might not expect to hear the sounds of children’s giggles and excited conversation filling the hallways. If you enter a computer lab in the building’s newest expansion, you might not expect to see students whose feet don’t touch the ground, whose heads don’t clear the tops of computers, and whose
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Students develop software for law enforcement

July 20, 2016 | Computer Science | Dr. Dana Steil, assistant professor of computer science, is directing seven interns in the computer science department this summer as they develop software for law enforcement agencies in Arkansas, Alabama and Mississippi. According to Steil, the software focuses on aiding law enforcement in three areas: crash, crime and citation. Josh McAlister, a software development major from Nashville, Tennessee,
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“Harding trains people really well for the workforce…”

College of Sciences | Computer Sciences After taking a computer science class in high school, Sam Tripp knew where to begin once he arrived for his freshman year at Harding. “I thought computer science was would be a good starting point at Harding. I liked it even more here and just continued with it,” Tripp said. Tripp enjoys computer science classes for the project-based schedule
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