Adria Abella: Founder of hDrop

Adria Abella graduated with his Mechanical Engineering Degree from Harding University in May of 2019. Adria’s passion for tennis sparked the idea for the hDrop device. He has been a tennis player for more than 14 years. Tennis can be a high endurance sport because sometimes the matches are three to four hours long. Adria wanted to develop a wearable device that can track hydration status in real-time. He knew this could be helpful for many athletes and individuals. 

While Adria was in his senior year, he started developing the hDrop device. The hDrop is a wearable device that tracks hydration status electrolytes and core temperature in real-time. This stands out from other products because it offers real-time feedback. Unlike some water logging apps, it does not require you to log your water intake. Listed below are some commonly asked questions about the product: 

Q: Why do I need a device to track my hydration, if I already have my thirst sense? 

A: Whenever you feel thirsty you are already 10% dehydrated. Thirstiness is an alert that your body sends to your brain so that you can survive. Drinking when you are thirsty is enough to survive, but not enough to perform at your best.

Q: How do you use it? 

A: The user turns on the device, places hDrop on the upper arm, and turns on the App. After that, the hydration status, body temperature, and hDrop battery are recorded and shown on your phone or watch App. 

Q: I do not like to carry my phone with me, what are the options? 

A: hDrop App is going to be available for Android smartphones, Apple smartphones, Apple watches, Android watches, and other smartwatches. If you don’t want to carry your phone, you can use your daily workout smartwatch to connect it. 

Q: How long does the battery last? 

A: hDrop is a low consumption device. The battery lasts up to 30 days when left turned on. Turning it on and off during your workouts will extend the battery life. It works with a coin cell battery that is easy to replace. 

You can Pre-Order hDrop right now and have it delivered in November 2021 on the website below: