Entrepreneur spotlight: Ancil Lea publishes “Common Grounds”


Ancil Lea is an entrepreneur, a coffee drinker, and he loves people. 

For most of his career, consultant Lea of Conway has supported physicians, clinics, outpatient surgery centers, and hospitals across the Mid-South as they navigate the healthcare marketplace. He helps medical practices find appropriate solutions for protecting patient information in compliance with HIPAA, with risk management, and with patient engagement and retention. His practice also provides a suite of marketing and communication services including web design, social media promotions, media communications, branding, app design, and more.

Lea has written guest columns for the healthcare section of TalkBusiness and Politics. In 2016, Ancil published an ebook, CYBER WAR: Securing Patient Health Information in Today’s Electronic Environment, endorsed and promoted by the Arkansas Medical Society.

Ancil’s latest project is a book, Common Grounds: An Entrepreneurial Guide to the Coffee Shop Office, a reflection on his experiences, insights, and successes while engaging clients and working from coffee shops such as Blue Sail in Conway. The book was an outgrowth of both his personable nature and his business model as an independent consultant.

The forward to Common Grounds is written by Dr. Jeff D. Standridge, author of The Innovator’s Field Guide, whose bio includes serving as “chief catalyst” for The Conductor, UCA’s entrepreneurship center.  Standridge observes, “one overarching characteristic that Ancil lives out daily…is his innate ability to build and maintain strong relationships. I think that is at last one of the reasons he identifies so well with the modern coffee shop.”

“Ancil and his team have compiled stories, thoughts and other musings on life in the local coffee shop office. From the perspectives of the college student and young professional, to the solo practitioner, seasoned business executive, and the barista, Common Grounds has it all.”

If you conduct life and business while plugged in at a corner table at Starbucks or Midnight Oil, perhaps Ancil’s stories will resonate with you, and remind that you that, like many, you are conducting business seated in the modern marketplace of ideas.

Common Grounds releases on Amazon this week.

Lea previously served as executive director of the Regional Extension Center for the Office of the National Coordinator under the HiTech Act for Arkansas.